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Introduction to Chiropractic Care

It is a healing practice that is a combination of an exceptional healing philosophy, science, and artistic expressions. The philosophy behind chiropractics is simple. It works on the principle that the human body has the amazing power to heal itself. There is a mutual agreement between the ancient systems of healing and modern scientific studies that the human body has organizing intelligence that is in control of the functions and coordination of all cells in the body. In chiropractics, it is referred to as innate intelligence. This intelligence is in control of several functions in the body such as chemical balance, digestion, breathing, and heartbeat. These processes are taking place every second in our body without us even realizing it. It allows us to listen, think, talk and walk without conscience awareness of all the complicated interactions that take place for these processes to occur inside our bodies. 
It is a health profession that specializes in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the disorders that may occur in the musculoskeletal system and the implications of these disorders on the nervous system and health of a person. The practitioners of chiropractic largely rely on the non-invasive methods of treatment and refer patients to surgery or medication if the need be. This practice works even better because chiropractors promote healthy lifestyles to their patients such as physical activity, healthy diet, excess stress, and non-smoking. 

How Is Chiropractic A More Cost Effective Option?

Many researches have been conducted to study the cost effectiveness of chiropractic practice and other natural treatment alternative such as massage, acupuncture, and physiotherapy compared to conventional methods of medicine. 2012 systemic review concluded the therapy of spinal manipulation to be more cost-effective for lower back and neck pain in comparison to exercise, physiotherapy, and general practitioner care.
A study conducted in 2007 compared the costs of patient care under the treatment of a chiropractor as their PCP (Primary care Physician) to cost of care under a medical doctor. After studying 70,000 members over a period of 7 years, the cost of hospital admission was decreased by 60.2%, the cost per day of a hospital was lowered by 59% and the outpatient procedures and surgeries went down by 62%. Even the costs linked to pharmaceuticals went down by an astonishing 85% as compared to conventionally driven medical care. All these comparisons were studies during the same time duration, using the same products for health maintenance, and same geography.
The result being that now the medical industry and insurance providers have accepted chiropractic care as a cost effective and viable treatment for lower back and neck pain. 

The Premises of Chiropractic

Following are the basis of chiropractic practice:
  • The human body is a self regulating and self healing organism.
  • The master remote control of the body lies within the nervous system with controls all functions and cells of the body including the capability of the body to self regulate and self heal.
  • Interference in the functions of the nervous system causes the body to lose its ability to self regulate or self heal.
  • The interference of the nervous system can be caused by disfunctioning or/and displaced vertebra in the spine called a “subluxation” in chiropractic.
  • When the nervous system and spine are subluxated, the body loses its ability to properly self regulate or self heal.
  • The purpose of chiropractics is to locate and heal the subluxation, using the adjustments of chiropractic, allowing the human body to regain its ability to properly self-regulate and self-heal. 

Non-Invasive Method of Treatment

Chiropractics is not only effective, but it is also safe. In the last two decades, many independent and controlled studies have been conducted that show that chiropractics is effective and safe for the treatment of headaches, neck pain, low back pain and other various conditions related to the spine. 
Based on these studies, there has been a consensus that chiropractic treatment should be the first choice for the majority of spinal problems. The extent of relief and benefit can vary depending on the condition of individual patients and for how long their conditioned existed. 

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