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by: Dr. Joe Mills

VAX-D is a mechanized spinal distraction device and DRS (decompression Reduction Stabilization) system for pain in the lower back. The Accu Spina system for back and neck pain makes use of tables controlled by computers in order to apply stretching, or distractive tension along the length of the spinal axis. These devices are designed to provide controlled and gradual stretch designed in order to overcome the resistance of muscles, thereby causing effective distraction of the invertebral joint spaces or invertebral discs.  VAX-D was developed by Allan E. Dyer, MD, PhD who explains how this therapy fixes the herniated discs which are generally the cause of pain in lower backs: “Your bones are separated by a cushion. That cushion is always under positive pressure, even at rest. 

VAX-D lowers that pressure to negative levels by creating a partial vacuum that can retract the disk. Even a large, protruding disk can be retracted where it's supposed to be,” he says. Dr. Dyer also recommends that the patients must at least undergo 20 sessions in order to get optimal results. He recommends this treatment to patients suffering from degenerated or herniated disks that result in pain in the lower back or/and sciatica. 
According to the manufacturers of this therapy, distraction therapy is not the same as traction therapy because it creates negative intradiscal pressure. It is a non-invasive treatment to cure chronic neck and back pain from facet joint and disc disease. It is a safe and effective procedure without the involvement of any risks associated with anesthesia, injections, and surgery. The time required for recovering and time away from work is minimal, and the resolution of all the symptoms is long term.
VAX-D is a breakthrough technology used by Dr. Jere for spinal decompression. To date, VAX-D is the only equipment, according to clinical research, that adequately decompresses the discs.

Condition That Can Be Cured With VAX-D

The therapy is safe and effective in treating several conditions of the back for which medical doctors will generally provide medication for, or will rely on surgery. Medications can only treat the symptoms of an underlying cause and can also cause drug dependency along with side effects. Following conditions can be successfully treated though VAX-D:  
  • ·         Posterior facet syndrome
  • ·         Failed back surgery syndrome
  • ·         Annular tears
  • ·         Disc protrusion
  • ·         Ruptured disc
  • ·         Slipped disc
  • ·         Degenerative disc
  • ·         Bulging disc
  • ·         Herniated disc
The following conditions can also benefit from VAX-D in case they are severe and not responsive to chiropractics:
  • ·         Pinched nerve
  • ·         Sciatica
Following are some conditions that can be treated with the combination of massage, VAX-D spinal decompression and chiropractics:
  • ·         Degenerative arthritis
  • ·         Chronic pain in lower back due to other causes
More severe problems related to discs such as extruded disc, and disc fragment can also be sometimes helped with VAX-D spinal decompression, depending on the seriousness of the condition. 


Following are the testimonials of some of the users of VAX-D spinal decompression:
“I was experiencing debilitating pain and impaired function as a result of a bulging disc and spinal stenosis. On Dr. Jacob Bastomski’s recommendation, I underwent the series of his VAX-D treatments, and I am most grateful that I did. The results far exceeded my expectations because prior physical therapy and drugs had offered no relief. I was even considering surgery. I am now virtually free of pain and can walk, sit and drive normally again.” ~ ART R
“I think what VAX-D does is miraculous. I give it my complete endorsement.” ~ Rick W.

“I followed up my VAX-D treatments with exercises that were taught to me at American Back Center… Thank You! I’ve never felt better!” ~ Michael F.

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